Nick Jonas explains why it can feel uncomfortable to sing sexually suggestive songs with his brothers Joe and Kevin.

1. In a recent interview, Nick explained that it can feel a bit strange to sing about sex while on stage with his siblings.

2. Nick and his brothers have been performing together for years, but they've had to learn how to balance their individual styles with the expectations of their fans.

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3. As they've gotten older, the Jonas Brothers have become more comfortable with their own identities and have learned to appreciate each other's unique talents.

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4. Despite the occasional awkwardness, Nick said that he's grateful for the opportunity to perform with his brothers and to share their music with fans around the world.

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5. The Jonas Brothers have had a successful career in music, with hits like "Sucker" and "Burnin' Up."

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6. Nick has also pursued a solo career, releasing several albums and collaborating with other artists.

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7. In addition to music, Nick has also acted in TV shows and movies, including the hit series "Kingdom" and the film "Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle."