Todd Chrisley Has a Ton of Friends In Prison, Relieved Daughter Reports-

It’s been almost three months since Todd Chrisley reported to a Florida prison to begin serving a 12-year sentence on tax fraud charges.

As nervous as Todd was on that fateful day, it seems his daughter Lindsie might have been even more anxious.

Lindsie said she was terrified that her father would not adjust well to life in prison, that the change from a life of wealth and privilege to an eight-by-ten cell and shared showers would be too much for Todd to handle.

So it was with tremendous relief and good deal of surprise that Lindsie came face to face with a healthy and happy Todd during her latest prison visit.

Todd Chrisley doesn’t look too bothered by anything in this scene from his reality show. (Photo via USA Network)

“My last visit with my dad, I couldn’t stop telling him how great that he looked,” Lindsie revealed during a recent appearance on the “Southern Tea” podcast.

“He looks very very good. I told him, I said, ‘Even your hair looks better, a little bit longer and a little bit grayer.’ His nails aren’t completely bitten off,” she continued, adding that Todd is “in such a better place” these days.

We assume Lindsie is contrasting his current mindset with the turmoil of Todd’s first weeks behind bars.

Todd and Julie Chrisley talk a lot about God. But we wonder how He would feel about their lifestyle and their actions. (Photo via Instagram)

In February, Lindsie’s half-sister Savannah Chrisley reported that Todd was “struggling” behind bars and seemed to be in very low spirits.

Lindsie says those days are now well behind Todd, and he’s come to “embrace” his new role as a federal inmate.

“His spirits are great,” she explained.

Todd Chrisley does not appear to be an ethical individual. That’s just our opinion, of course. (Photo via USA Network)

“He is really just embracing the process there and making the best of the process there with the people that are also there serving time with him.”

Lindsie makes it sound like Todd is on some sort of corporate retreat!

Her take might be a little too optimistic, but it makes sense that she would be desperate to put a positive spin on things.

Todd and Julie Chrisley are GUILTY. They’ll be spending many years in prison as a result.

After all, the entire Chrisley family has been beset by serious legal issues in recent months.

Todd’s wife, Julie Chrisley, is currently serving seven years in a federal penitentiary.

And Todd’s son Kyle Chrisley was arrested on felony assault charges last month.

Kyle Chrisley is pictured here with his dad, Todd, and stepmom, Julie. They are both in prison. (Photo via Instagram)

Despite all of that, Todd is apparently on top of the world, and Lindsie says it’s all because of the friends he’s made along the way.

“He’s made great friends. He talks about his friends there,” she explained.

It’s not the update we expected to receive, but if Lindsie’s take is accurate then the 12 years of Todd’s sentence should fly right by!

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