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During a recent episode of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way, Debbie and Oussama reconciled after a painful fight.

Oussama profusely apologized, and said that some things had been lost in translation. But Debbie had seen a new side to her 24-year-old love. Can she trust him again?

He vowed to prove himself with actions, not just words.

And in this preview of Sunday’s episode, Oussama does just that — by professing his love for her, as his fiancee, in front of a room full of people. Watch the scene for yourself:

Below, you can view a sneak peek of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way Season 4, Episode 10.

In the Sunday, April 9 episode, Oussama and Debbie seem to attend some sort of poetry meet-up. Presumably, one that accepts walk-ins, but it’s possible that this is a regular crowd for Oussama.

To Debbie’s delight, he begins with an introduction. Not just his name and his hometown … but that he dedicates his poem to his fiancee. He uses that label for her, in public. Oussama even indicates Debbie within the audience.

“I’m really rather surprised to be honest with you,” Debbie tells the confessional camera in the sneak peek.

“Oussama is getting in front of an audience,” she remarks.

“And,” Debbie continues, he is “telling everyone that he wrote this poem for me, his fiancee.”

“He’s not ashamed of me,” Debbie cheers.

“It’s erasing the rough start we had,” she praises.

“And,” Debbie then expresses, “it’s like I’m believing in him again.”

“And it feels good,” Debbie then expresses.

“It’s like, this is it,” she characterizes to the camera. “This is the man I’ve been waiting for.”

Then, of course, Oussama begins to read aloud his actual poem.

“The name of poem is ‘I Think of You,’” Oussama announces to the small crowd.

The actual words of the poem are … very distinctive.

Perhaps you should listen to them yourselves. We’re unsure if simply transcribing them could do the poem justice.

That was quite the experience! Not just for viewers, but for Oussama and for Debbie.

Oussama is clearly an anxious, introverted guy.

In fact, he initially won over fans by describing his deep fondness for cats.

So it is no surprise when Oussama confesses that he has never read a poem aloud like this, in front of an audience, before.

Meanwhile, Debbie is positively swooning.

She says that Oussama’s overture has made her feel weak, likening the experience to having a shot of cognac.

Oussama praises Debbie, referring to her as “his missing part.”

Meanwhile, he affirms that, with her by his side, he feels that he can accomplish anything.

“I told you last day that I want to prove my love to you to everyone,” Oussama tells his lady love. “So this is the way I will prove.”

“Because my love is true,” Oussama explains over his loving gesture. “From now it will only be actions.”

It sounds like Oussama is giving Debbie everything that she wants.

Or, possibly, telling her everything that she wants to hear. We are well into the season, but there is still plenty of time for twists and turns.


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