What is MC Stan Net Worth? Who is MC Stan?

Who is MC Stan?

MC Stan Net Worth

MC Stan History, Total assets, Sweetheart: Altaf Tadavi or Altaf Shaikh is one of the freshest hip-bounce and rap craftsmen from Pune, Maharashtra, India. He performs under the stage name MC Stan. At the point when he was brought into the world on August 30, 1999, he was one of the most dubious rappers in both the Desi hip-bounce scene and the Indian rap music scene. He delivered his presentation track, “Wata,” in 2018, and from that point forward, he’s been on a vanguard mission to continue to deliver hits. His latest single, “Shana Bann,” is administering the Indian rap music graphs. He has various tunes amazingly.

Why is MC Stan not very famous?

Mc Stan Net Worth

This is so not true.

If you compare the popularity of MC Stan and Badshah, then yes he is not that famous. But in the desi hip-hop community, MC Stan is very well known and appreciated by artists alike.

MC Stan is a Mumbai based Indian rapper who raps primarily in Hindi/Marathi. His songs are all very acknowledged and praised. He is one of the most “stable” artists if we consider his youtube views and audio stream plays. He has such an amazing view/subscriber ratio.

Although his inconsistency can be agreed upon. MC Stan is not very regular as far as the frequency of his songs is observed. But his lyrical ability, the incredible use of Marathi Lingo, his flow, and the way he expresses himself and his roots are commendable. He has an extremely eager fanbase. The vibe he gives out is crazy. Very few artists have such a connection with their listeners.

So yes, MC Stan is not a nationwide pump right now but he is popular. With a little more periodicity, he can achieve such a feat too. ✌

What is the real name of MC Stan?

MC Stan Net Worth

Altaf Tadavi, often known as MC Stan, is one of the most gifted young rappers in India. Compared to the other rappers on the list, MC Stan’s style of rapping is unique. His style of hip-hop is known as New School Hip-Hop.

What is the most popular song of MC Stan?

I’m not sure which exactly is his most popular song. Because there are many songs of MC Stan which are famous and well known.

But still here are some which I think are pretty famous.

  • MC Stan’s ‘Ek Din Pyaar’ released almost 2 years ago. The video has been sung, composed and written by MC Stan himself. The video has more than 39 million views on YouTube.


  • His song Snake was released last year and have surpassed 49 million views on YouTube.


  • MC Stan’s 3 year old song ‘Khuja Mat’ is a fan favorite with over 36 million views.


  • Many of his fans like this song it have over 13 million views on YouTube.


  • A few months ago, MC Stan released the audio of his song ‘Insaaniyat’ which garnered over 2.7 million views.

Those are all I know among his many songs.

Net Worth of MC Stan

MC Stan has an estimated net worth of $2 million. He has made his money through his music sales, concerts, and endorsement deals. He has released two studio albums, one EP, and several mixtapes over the years. He also makes a considerable amount of money from his various endorsement deals.

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