Kris Foster Leaves Jeymi Noguera After Few Weeks of Marriage, Hopes to Return ASAP-

On the latest episode of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way, Kris Foster and Jeymi Noguera were figuring out their new life together.

Recently married, they were looking into the financial realities of their future as a couple.

But, as Kris had previously mentioned, she still has some business to which to attend back in Alabama. Some of it could not wait.

So, despite their oh-so-recent wedding, Kris had to leave her wife behind and head back to her hometown. Hopefully for just a short time.

On Season 4, Episode 10 of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way, Kris and Jeymi had to make some plans.

Kris shared that her bank had frozen her account, suspecting identity theft. To be fair, if someone starts charging a bunch of expenses in another country, that’s not an unreasonable conclusion.

But they had more long-term financial concerns. Namely, Kris has some savings but isn’t rich — so how will they make ends meet? Their idea is a food truck.

We don’t know what kind of market there is for American and Venezuelan fusion cuisine in Colombia … but you know what? It sounds interesting to us, and likely would to other people.

Of course, you can’t have a food truck without an actual food truck. Any kind of restaurant is going to have a lot of overhead.

The basic food truck would likely cost around $10,000, Kris and Jeymi learned.

That is not their only option. And there might be better options out there.

For example, school busses are large and sturdy. And, with some seating removed, fairly adaptable.

One food truck for sale was previously a school bus. It is now a mobile restaurant — not just a kitchen on wheels — with dining booths. Oh, and zombie apocalypse decor.

Kris loved the vibe of the decor. (Not a surprise — it’s anecdotal and I don’t mean to perpetuate stereotypes, but in my experience, a lot of bi gals from the rural south love Halloween and horror decor)

Of course, they would probably redecorate and make it their own if they bought it.

The bus would obviously cost more than the smaller model. Twice as much, at $20,000. And that’s before redecorating it, buying the food, and more.

Kris and Jeymi clearly have a lot to discuss. And to figure out.

For example, beyond the general premise, they do not yet know the menu. Loving to cook does not always translate to being able to work a restaurant menu.

But it’s good to know their options, and to take a look at how pricey just buying a food truck will be.

Later, after Jeymi had been sick for several days, Kris had to pack up her things.

She had to return to Alabama and hash things out with the bank. Obviously, a quick “I’m really me” text is not always enough. Kris likely needed to convince her bank that she is not a hostage. Maybe there were other ways to do that, but she had other reasons to return to her hometown.

And, while she’s there, she needs to get a refill of her narcolepsy medication. It is, she learned, not available in Colombia.

The two said a teary farewell. They have only known each other for a few weeks, but they love each other. And they’re married!

You don’t want to spend time apart during your honeymoon.

Kris told Jeymi and the cameras that her hope is that she can wrap up everything within a couple of weeks. However, something tells us that it won’t be that simple. Or that fast.

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