Jen Shah is Writing a Real Housewives Play in Prison, Because of Course She Is-

Jen Shah has only been in prison since February. She has not even hit her two-month milestone.

Even with her reduced sentence, the The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City star is looking at years behind bars.

But there is no reason for her to not make the best of her time.

And that is just what she’s doing. How? By putting on a play with her fellow inmates. And it’s absolutely Real Housewives-related.

Jen Shah Season 2 Reunion fit (preview)

Jen Shah’s manager, Chris Giovanni, spoke to TMZ about what she is up to behind bars.

She is currently developing a stage play.

The production, which will eventually include some of her fellow inmates, has the title: “The Real Housewives of Bryan.” Bryan, of course, being the name of the Texas correctional facility where she is serving her sentence.

Jen Shah is off The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City… and she’s also off to federal prison.

According to her rep, Shah’s upcoming production is still in the early phases.

Of course, given how long her stay at Federal Prison Camp Bryan will last, she will have plenty of time for rewrites and edits.

Apparently, the inspiration comes from more than just Bravo. The characters in her play are based upon fellow inmates. After a fashion.

J. Shah
Jen Shah rarely is seen without a cocktail in her hand. She likes to drink is all we’re saying.

Inmates might inspire the characters, but she is exaggerating their habits and personalities for comical and dramatic effect.

One would expect no less. She is putting on a play — not an actual reality episode (thus the script), much less a documentary.

We would be very interested in seeing whatever this shapes up to be. Not asking to sit through the whole thing, just the highlights.

Jen Shah Interview
Jen Shah doesn’t strike us as a very good person. This is just our opinion, of course.

What is truly interesting about this report is not that Shah is turning to the (mildly) creative arts behind bars. Her options are pretty limited.

Rather, the report (all statements from her manager) claims that she is teaching her fellow inmates to read and write.

Allegedly, she is acting as a mentor, encouraging the other women as they serve their own sentences.

Jen Shah does not look happy on Season 3 of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City. She rarely looks happy.

And she is reportedly working with the prison’s education department and its library.

The image here is … kind of hilarious. In that, to hear her manager spin it, Jen Shah is basically some sort of deep cover charity worker who is helping to educate the downtrodden.

We’re not claiming that she’s not helping anyone with their reading and writing or anything else. She almost certainly benefited from a better education than many of her fellow inmates, and she is also a parent. That means that she has a lot of skills required to help out. It’s just … a remarkable spin.

Jen Shah committed some heinous crimes. She has a lot to think about in prison.

In other Jen Shah news, a combination of daily workouts and not eating very much of the prison food is exacting changes on her body.

She has reportedly lost about 15 pounds.

However, Shah’s religious faith remains steadfast. She and several other Muslims in her unit are currently fasting during the day for Ramadan.

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