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CM Punk Firing Leads To Low AEW Collision Ratings

CM Punk is no longer apart of All Elite Wrestling following his firing last week, after he was apart of a backstage scuffle with Jack Perry that led to CM Punk reportedly ‘lunging’ at AEW owner Tony Khan.

Low Ratings For Post-CM Punk Collision

CM Punk was then let go from the company for his actions. Mainly, we saw CM Punk frequently featured on AEW’s Saturday program, “AEW Collision.” But, now that he is gone, this past Saturday was the first Collision episode without Punk. According to, The start of AEW Collision on September 2nd drew 472,000 viewers. The show kicked off with Tony Khan announcing the firing of CM Punk. Immediately following the announcement, the ratings took a big dive, which saw the ratings drop to 383,000 in mere minutes.

The episode featured the likes of Ricky Starks, Jay White, Dax Harwood, newly crowned women’s champion Saraya, wrestling legend Ricky Steamboat and even NBA legend; Dennis Rodman. Plus, a surprise return of Bryan Danielson happened on the event. Still, this wasn’t enough to keep viewers tuned in, as some weren’t curious about the CM Punk situation, and that’s it. But, AEW’s Collision did run against WWE’s Payback Pay-Per-View and College Football in the United States.

We’ll have to wait until this upcoming Saturday to see how these ratings shape out without being up against a WWE event, though it isn’t looking good right now post-CM Punk.

From: Brady Alexander

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