Angela Deem: I’m Meeting Up With My Crush Billy! (Not) Sorry, Michael!-

Despite a breakup earlier this year, Angela Deem and Michael Ilesanmi are still married.

Their reconciliation was not good news. A lot of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? viewers hoped that they would part ways for good, for Michael’s sake.

The latest season (just like each before it) highlighted the inescapable toxicity of their relationship. One of many issues was Angela’s flirtation with Billy, and her plans to meet him in person.

It was hurtful and hypocritical. And now, despite all of Michael’s feeling on the matter, she’s preparing to see her crush, the “Thief of Hearts.”

During 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? Season 7, Angela Deem was openly flirting with a former stripper.

Vasilios Bill Sotiropoulos once went by the “Thief of Hearts” moniker during his dancing days. Now, the charming Canadian just goes by “Billy.”

On screen, we watched as the two of them smiled and openly flirted. Angela, who has screamed and yelled at Michael for sitting at a large table if other women were there, was not shy about finding Billy sexy.

Angela was also openly making plans to go see him.

Ostensibly, this was essentially a charitable trip. To hear Angela tell it, she intended to take care of Billy due to his illness. (Billy is in need of a kidney transplant)

But given the way that she gushed about his looks and charisma, this did not seem becoming of a married woman. While Angela claimed that it was Michael’s fault for not paying attention to her … she didn’t work to end the marriage. She just did whatever she wanted, like always.

Here, Angela Deem wears an eye-catching necklace and a cobalt blue blouse. (Image Credit: Instagram)

This week, Angela took to social media to share some news.

“Billy,” she wrote. “Coming to Toronto to support you April 19th at your fundraiser.” Angela included a red heart emoji.

“Thank you Angela,” Billy’s reply text reads.

Angela Deem has announced that she is traveling to Toronto to visit Billy, the “Thief of Hearts.” (Image Credit: Instagram)

Now, the formatting makes it clear that this is essentially a cringe way of making an advertisement appear organic.

Sometimes viewers forget Angela’s age — despite appearances, she is only in her late fifties — but perhaps this is the sort of post that looks organic to her. And perhaps to Billy. Internet perceptions are pretty subjective.

In reality, they likely planned to post an exchange like this to raise attention for Billy’s fundraiser. In terms of her friendship with Billy, that is very nice of Angela.

But, in the wise words of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills alum Kim Richards, “let’s talk about the husband.”

Angela Deem is a married woman. She and Michael tied the knot in early 2020.

What exactly is she thinking when it comes to flying out to see her “TikTok crush” like this?

In all of our 90 Day Fiance reporting, we have repeatedly emphasized — when it comes up — that married (or otherwise committed) people can and should continue to have friends.

But to say that Angela and Billy are just two friends would be dishonest. Their flirtation was deliberate. Angela openly admitted that she did it to get a rise out of Michael, to make him jealous.

And it worked. Michael, whom Angela has repeatedly terrorized over any possible friendship with a woman, felt jealous and hurt.

Billy’s nickname for Angela, calling her “Angel,” really rubbed him the wrong way.

He did not want Angela to travel to see him in Canada.

And when Angela protested, Michael told her that she might as well go and marry him.

Maybe Michael has come around. It appears that husband and wife may have visited each other recently. Perhaps they talked this out.

It is also possible that Angela decided that Michael, who did have an Instagram-based affair last year (after years of accusations, one turned out to be right!), has no right to stop her from visiting Billy.

The most likely case is this: Angela decided to do whatever the hell she wants. It often seems that, in her mind, the only feelings that matter are her own.

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